Tuesday, December 18, 2012


sometimes, as an artist, you end up entering contests and taking on 'jobs'/tasks that just don't make 'the cut' or ever see the light of day..at least in my case. here are some things along those lines that i have done.

the first being a submission for a mural piece for the new movie theater in muscatine(they never contacted me/announced a winner to my knowledge. and i must state that since i did submit this design its rightful 'owner' is now the fridley theater..or something).

the second being several design submissions for a 'muscatine river monster t-shirt contest' that there ended up never being any winner of(ie. they never printed shirts with any of the contest participants designs featured).

the final set of images are designs i did for a dude i met at a bar who was trying to get his own ultimate fighting brand of gear established. nothing ever came of that either. B.O.M.B.(bringing on massive beatings) is supposedly patented by said fella from the bar so don't try to steal that name for your own clothing line.

 *click image for larger view*

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